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Okidokeys smart locks let you manage your front door remotely

Brian Heater

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There are goofy product names, and then there's Okidokeys, a moniker that achieves new levels of silliness. All said, however, the company seems to take its line of smart locks pretty seriously. Its parent company, OpenWays Group, already provides smartphone-based door lock solutions to hotels. The company's leveraging the 256-bit AES cryptology security it's used in those products for Okidokeys, home locks you control with an Android or iOS handset via Bluetooth. There seems to be a pretty wide array of options here, letting you enable a hands-free unlock when you're near the door or associating objects like an RFID card, in case your smartphone should run out of juice. Using the company's online portal, you can manage accounts, giving people limited access to the door so, say, your babysitter can only get in during a designated time, and if anyone tries to break in, you'll get an alert on your phone. You can also unlock the door from afar, should someone forget their key. The line of locks starts at $179. Pre-orders open up this month, with the product is set to ship in the spring.

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