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Pure delves deeper into multi-room audio with higher-end Jongo and Evoke systems


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Pure first set foot into the multi-room audio space at last year's CES with its frugal Jongo line; in 2014, it's targeting slightly more affluent listeners who would otherwise go for Sonos gear. Its $299 Jongo T4 speaker (above) is reaching the US for the first time, and carries enough oomph at 50W to fill a living room. The $229 Evoke F4 (below), meanwhile, is the company's first internet-savvy radio with Jongo support built-in. There's also a pair of big software upgrades on the way, including SiriusXM streaming (for subscribers) and a developer kit for third-party app support. Both the T4 and F4 reach the US this later this month, while the software should arrive during the first quarter of the year.

Pure Evoke F4 radio

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