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Qualcomm shows more of the Snapdragon 805's camera and pen tricks (video)


Can't make it to CES to see the Snapdragon 805 processor flex its muscles? You won't have to. Qualcomm has posted a slew of videos showing what the chip can do for photography, including automatic close-ups through OptiZoom, continuous focusing on a subject through Touch to Track and natural-looking low-light shots through Chroma Flash. The CPU can even begin recording video as soon as a subject crosses a line, such as at a race. As a bonus, the company has also demonstrated Ultra Sound NotePad, a refinement of an earlier technique that uses microphones to translate a pen's ultrasonic vibrations into on-screen handwriting. It could be a while before you're trying any of these features on a shipping device, but the clips should at least prepare you for the real thing.

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