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Blue intros Mo-Fi headphones at CES 2014


When you think of Blue, you think of the company's microphones and audio tools that have been amazing musicians and podcasters since 1995. The company's CEO, John Maier, realized that classic hi-fi headphones are incompatible with the low power requirements of mobile devices, so most headphones used with smartphones and tablets provide rather low fidelity. As a result, Blue announced the Mo-Fi line of mobile headphones this morning at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

According to Maier, "We set out to do what no one else is doing: to end the compromise music lovers make when they listen on their mobile devices. In the past, the headphone industry has approached this compromise with clever workarounds, but we simply went ahead and solved it. We're prepared to unleash Mo-Fi, true mobile high-fidelity."

While the video below is short on specifics, it's high on hype about a new product line that is sure to get a lot of attention. We'll update the post once we're able to get more details about what to expect in a few months.

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