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Nintendo to pay royalty to 3D patent holder for every 3DS unit sold


A U.S. federal judge has established a royalty rate Nintendo will pay to Tomita Technologies International for every Nintendo 3DS handheld console sold worldwide. The ongoing fee stems from a a 2011 lawsuit that found Nintendo liable for damages after infringing upon Tomita's glasses-free 3D technology patent.

Engadget reports that Nintendo will pay Tomita 1.82 percent of the wholesale price of every 3DS and 3DS XL sold over the portable hardware's lifespan. The judgment does not apply to the recently released Nintendo 2DS hardware revision, which abandons the handheld's 3D display as a cost-cutting measure.

A federal jury ruled in favor of Tomita in the company's patent infringement lawsuit earlier this year, awarding damages that were later reduced to $15.1 million.

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