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Ozobot is a tiny robot that lives on your tablet, wants you play with it

Brian Heater

The good news is that we'll be seeing Ozobot in action shortly. The bad news is that we're not entirely sure what it does or why we should want one in the meantime. Here's what we do know: It's a 1-inch sized "intelligent game robot" that hangs out on smartphones, tablets and board games and recognizes codes, lights and other patterns. It also knows what surface it's on. We know that it's intended for gameplay. Beyond that, the press material is thus far filled with explainers like:

A pocket-sized robot with the ability to operate on physical and digital platforms, Ozobot melds the worlds of robotics and gaming into one, making it distinctly playful and uniquely creative.

There will be a Kickstarter launching this month, with retail availability aimed at the 2014 holiday season. And, um, more info to follow.

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