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Picture This is a crowdsourced scavenger hunt app for iPhone photographers


Picture This is a new iPhone app for social photographers that presents you with a different photography challenge each day. Though the daily scavenger hunt challenges are a blast, there is more to the app than the app itself. Picture This has a unique background. It was a crowdsourced effort that emerged from Dandy, a Canadian mobile development firm.

Dandy allows people to submit app ideas to a community of users who vote and offer feedback on the project. The most popular app ideas then will be chosen for development. The startup's first project is Picture This, a photo scavenger hunt app idea submitted by Niger Little-Poole, a 19-year-old Columbia University student. Dandy coordinates the development and shares the revenue with the people involved in the app, including Little-Poole.

The Picture This app provides you with both daily and ongoing photography challenges like the "Office Whiteboard Doodle" or "View Out the Window." You can submit your photos to a challenge and have the community vote, leave comments and share your creative efforts. You earn badges for your photos if they are the first in a challenge or become popular among the community.

Like most crowd-enabled apps, Picture This requires an active community to keep it going. The app launched following a successful beta, which had a dual purpose -- it helped the developer work out the last-minute kinks and worked to build a small, but growing community. The trick in the coming months for Dandy will be continuing this momentum so the community continues to grow.

You can check out Picture This for free from the iOS App Store. It requires an account if you want to participate in the community, but you can skip the account sign-up step if you prefer to poke around the app and see what it's all about.

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