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Random Acts of Uberness: Some Crashin' Thrashin' good help


That one holiday achievement you can never seem to check off, no matter how many years you persist? With the help of a random act of uberness, consider it done!

Caught being uber: Aliviani, Kilrogg (US-Alliance) I've been unable to complete the achievement Crashin' and Thrashin' for five years. My guild tends to scatter for the last half of December in order to enjoy the holidays, and I've had the darnedest luck getting people to crash my little toy car into. I had 4 crashes leading into the holiday this year. Well, that all changed!

Thanks to cross realm zones I headed over to Ironforge and asked for help. Aliviani, a druid from the Kilrogg server kindly offered to group up with me and summoned her own racer as many time as necessary until I had gotten the achievement. She already had the achievement, and wanted nothing in return! She has no idea how much I appreciate the kind gesture. Now that one achievement no longer haunts me! -- Celna, Silvermoon (US-Alliance)

Caught being uber: Confizzle, Saurfang (US-Horde) It's new years eve. I am FINALLY on the final quest to get my legendary cloak and I knew that getting all 4 celestials down would be a difficult task in one day. But I persevered and kept advertising for groups.

The horde community of Saurfang US answered. I didn't keep the whole group but a small number of people stayed through all the bosses and I thank them so much :) Especially Confizzle, the lone healer on Chi Ji, offered to stay in contact until the groups formed and congratulated me later in the day in shrine when I had my cloak. You all have my thanks :) -- Prissa, Saurfang (US-Horde)

Caught being uber: The mages of Suramar (US) and CRZ realms I'd like to recognize all the mages on Suramar-US and all the realms that CRZ with us that offered free ports to IF and Org after killing the Greench throughout Winterveil. -- Saluki, Suramar (US-Alliance)

Caught being uber: Mepa, Garithos (US-Alliance) We have a guild mate who goes above and beyond to help out the guild, and he never asks for any payment except trading for items, but he really went out of his way when he mailed every person in the guild 2-6k gold depending on our gear level and if it was low enough he made them an epic piece of 553 gear instead. We all just want to say thanks for all the help he gives everyone. -- Ranko, The Lordaeron Legion, Garithos (US-Alliance)

Send us your tales of players who get it

It's those times another player lights up your night with precise play, a wicked sense of humor, or unexpected generosity that you're a night spent in Azeroth becomes something to remember. Looking for a place to feel good about humanity again? You've come to the right place: WoW Insider's Random Acts of Uberness.

Send us your kudos and shout-outs for players who made your day! We know you can't always remember everyone's names or realms, and that's OK. Tell us what you do remember: what day of the week it was, what time of day, your own home realm, any details you recall about the other player, where you were and what you were doing in game. If the players involved read WoW Insider, we're betting they'll recognize your story!

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Until next week -- be excellent to each other!

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