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Samsung announces its curved 78-inch UHD TV: runs faster, works smarter


Samsung's new curved UHD TV spans 78 inches and will be one of 10 new 4K sets hoping to convince you to make the upgrade. It'll be joined by both the 55- and 65-inch models revealed at IFA last year, but thankfully we've now got a lot more details on what's going on underneath those pixels and curves. The 78-inch U9000 model is just 1.2 inches deep, but gets a quad-core processor for all the heavy visual lifting. Samsung's trying to appeal to those of you that like to use your tablets while watching TV too, with a new Multi-Link mode that will share the screen up to four ways, with the ability to use the built-in web browser or even watch related YouTube videos.

Upgrading the processor from previous models now means that the Smart TV gets to work from 1.8 seconds. Big deal? Well, when it took Samsung's older models more than five seconds to warm up, it's a pretty impressive improvement. There's also those previously teased gesture upgrades, offering up the ability to switch channels and adjust volume with a finger -- we didn't get to test this out at Samsung's fancy Vegas launch party, but we'll definitely be running through all those features in the coming days. Following standard CES tradition, the company unfortunately wasn't sharing pricing or availability details on these UHD TVs, but we'd hazard a guess that we'll be hearing more in the next few months.

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