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SteelSeries launches the Stratus, the first wireless iOS 7 gamepad

Matt Brian, @m4tt

With its new gaming protocols in iOS 7, Apple opened the door for gamepads that make use of the iPhone's Lightning connector to bring an assortment of inputs to iOS titles. Recognizing that not all iOS gamers own an iPhone, accessory maker SteelSeries has unveiled its new Stratus controller, becoming the first wireless gamepad to support Apple's latest iOS platform in the process. Unlike Logitech's PowerShell and PowerA's MOGA Ace Power, the Stratus connects to an iPad, iPhone and the iPod touch via Bluetooth 2.1, putting four pressure-sensitive face buttons, four shoulder buttons, dual analog sticks and a four-way d-pad in a design that reminds us a little of Sega's Genesis/Mega Drive gamepad, at least in black. While you won't be able to attach your iOS device to the Stratus and play on the move, it does mean you can set it aside and play against up to three other players on the big screen via AirPlay. Without that additional clutter, the Stratus comes in significantly lighter than rival controllers, giving you around 10 hours playtime on a full (USB) charge. SteelSeries has already made the Stratus available for pre-order on its website for $99.99/€99.99, and you can find the link in the source below.

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