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3D Systems gets in the haptic mouse game

Brian Heater

3D Systems is hitting this CES like a steamroller. A few months after releasing the Sense handheld 3D scanner, the company's offering up yet another peripheral for creating 3D models. This time out, the company's got a bit harder sell in the form of a 3D haptic mouse. For starters, the functionality of such a device isn't quite so immediately clear as a product that creates 3D images with a wave of your hand. Also, there are already haptic mice on the market - though, like the scanner, the competition has chiefly been targeted toward professions. And while (like the Sense), the price point here certainly isn't low enough to make this a mainstream product, it may well prove entice for a small cross section of the 3D modeling / printing community.

Of course the tool plays nicely with the company's recently announced Sculpt software, offering up haptic feedback to give the user the sensation of really creating something with a lump of virtual clay. In fact, the $500 asking price also includes a copy of Sculpt. 3D Systems' Touch is set to start shipping in Q2.

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