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AMD's Project Discovery tablet is for work and play... but mostly play


Part of the goal with the energy-sipping Mullins APU and the DockPort connector is to create small devices that have the power and versatility to perform a myriad of tasks. The Project Discovery tablet is an experimental reference device designed to work all day and play all night (it's the Vegas way, after all). The whole concept of DockPort, is that it's can expand to a host of connections. So slot it into a productivity dock, and you can power Excel across two screens while using a traditional keyboard and mouse. But, when you head home to unwind, you can slap it into a gaming cradle like the one you see above and play some FIFA 14 or Dirt 3. It's not all that dissimilar to the Razer Edge... in concept at least. As with most of the really interesting things at CES this is not a shipping product, nor do we expect it to be. Instead it's a concept that AMD is using to promote its vision of the future. Now it just needs an OEM or two (or twelve) to take up the torch and start getting these things out the door.

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Dana Wollman contributed to this report.

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