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Goji Smart Lock gives you remote access to your front door starting in March (updated with video)


We haven't seen the smart lock since June, and in that time Goji's been getting busy. It's added three new features to the "electronic deadbolt": a proximity sensor, accelerometer and Zigbee, which allows you to manage your front- or back-door access while you're away from home. As a refresher, Goji allows you to send out an unlimited number of virtual keys restricted by time and date, giving the holders wireless access to your home via Bluetooth or WiFi. Should a knocker come twist your knob, the 1-megapixel camera will snap their portrait and alert you to their presence, allowing you final say in who gets to come in. The Android- and iOS-compatible security system is still available for pre-order online for $278 and will ship in March. It will also be available from Staples and other retail outlets soon for $299.

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