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Left 4 Dead creator Turtle Rock developing co-op shooter Evolve


Publisher 2K Games has partnered with Left 4 Dead series developer Turtle Rock Studios for the upcoming release of the cooperative multiplayer first-person shooter Evolve for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms, Game Informer reports.

Evolve first crawled out of the ooze in 2012 as a trademark filing by THQ. When that publisher went under the same year, the intellectual property was purchased by Take-Two Interactive at auction for $10.9 million, beating out the game's developer, Turtle Rock, which had tried to keep the game inside its own shell for $250,000.

Evolve centers around a four-versus-one Hunt mode in which four teammates square off against a fifth player, who controls a powerful alien creature that grows stronger as matches progress. The cooperative/competitive gameplay dynamic defined Turtle Rock's Left 4 Dead games, which put players on opposing sides of a zombie apocalypse.

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