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Panser of TradeChat talks free level 90s

It's Tuesday, which means it's time for a new video from TradeChat's Panser. Because it's been a slow news week coming out of the holidays, this week's video is less of a news recap and more of a discussion, focusing on the controversial free boost to level 90 Blizzard will be handing out with Warlords of Draenor. Love it or hate it, it seems to be Blizzard's way of getting players into Warlords content as quickly as possible.

We've heard that Blizzard has been sending out polls about what you'd be willing to pay for a level 90 character... and though we're not sure what Blizzard is planning to do with this information, they're clearly weighing their options.

So what do you think of instant level 90s? Catch up on the issue and chat with Panser about it. Enjoyed the show? Be sure to subscribe to TradeChat to see more!

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