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PlayStation 4 sales hit 4.2 million as of December 28th


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SCEA CEO Andrew House just took the stage during Kaz Hirai's CES 2014 keynote to announce some PS4 sales numbers: 4.2 million systems, and 9.7 million games sold as of December 28th. That's exactly double the figure the company told us last month, notching 2.1 million cumulative sales by December 1st. It's a seriously impressive start for Sony's next-gen console, putting it clearly ahead of the 3 million Xbox One sales recorded in 2013 (although Microsoft's console is available in fewer markets right now).

Moving forward, Sony will build on its sales momentum by launching PlayStation Now, a service that'll eliminate cross-platform compatibility issues by letting gamers stream titles on their PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, smartphone and tablet directly from the cloud. Based on Sony's acquisition of streaming outfit Gaikai, PlayStation Now will come as part of a new subscription model for users, and will kick off with a limited beta starting later this month, followed by a full US rollout in the summer.

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