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Sceptre's showing off 4K TVs, Roku Ready displays, earbuds and pretty much everything, ever at CES

Brian Heater

Some companies make a big to-do over a single product, with big press events and bigger ad campaigns. And then there are those companies like Sceptre that just kind of do the shotgun thing, jamming a single press release up with several product lines, ranging from a series of 4K TVs to earbuds with a zipper-esque cord that's less likely to get tangled than the standard fare. The big announcement here is the unoriginally titled 4K Series, which ranges from 39 to 58 inches. Though, for the record, it's a much more solid moniker than the "Color Line," which are apparently named for their frames and not the fact that their picture is no longer confined to just black-and-white. The company's also got a line of Roku Ready displays, some soundbars and something called a "Mobile Internet Display," which runs Android and sure sounds a lot like a tablet to us...

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