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Tablo streaming DVR now available for pre-order, ships in February for $219


Nuvyyo promised that its internet-savvy Tablo DVR would arrive early in the new year, and it's making good on its word by launching pre-orders. You can now buy two- and four-tuner versions of the streaming video hub at respective prices of $219 and $250; the lower-end model ships in February, while the more advanced edition ships in the spring. Either set-top box will let you record over-the-air TV to your choice of USB storage without having to pay extra fees, although dedicated viewers will want to shell out for a programming guide subscription at $5 per month, $50 per year or $150 for life. Tablo may not be the cheapest way to wean yourself off of cable or satellite, then, but it's potentially a big bargain if you don't want to give up timely access to TV shows just because you've cut the cord.

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