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The Queue: Here we are now, entertain us

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) enjoys the occasional ukelele.

I'll forgive the guy above for getting the name of the song wrong, if only because the idea of a ukelele orchestra is ridiculously cool. And watching a half dozen people frantically strumming wee little instruments to rock out with some classic Nirvana is just too entertaining.

BankerMan asked:

We know that Vol'jin is the new Warchief of the horde, but do we know who the new racial leader is going to be for the Orcs?

We haven't had an official announcement from what I'm aware, but I'd assume either Thrall would take over as a racial leader, or maybe Saurfang, since he made the journey back to Orgrimmar all the way from Northrend and all that. Saurfang's got a good head on his shoulders, I'd like to see him actively doing things again.

Krypto051 asked:

Ah Valor points. What can I spend them exactly now? I know about the vendor in Townlong, at the Temple of the Ox, but he sells only pre-Timeless isle gear, so half hour on Timeless Isle, and he cant give me anything better. I know I can spend valor for upgrading items, but is it the only way I can give them away?

The Timeless Isle vendor has some valor gear, as well as the vendors for the Shado-Pan Assault on the Isle of Thunder. You can also use your valor to purchase a Pouch of Timeless Coins from the Timeless Isle Vendor -- that can be turned right back around and used to purchase gear, Burdens of Eternity, or even Mogu Runes of Fate that you can use for bonus rolls in the Throne of Thunder raid.

Levoire asked:

With the Orb of Deception changing characters into their race counterparts, What do the Pandaren turn into as they have no racial counterpart?

Originally, they turned into a pandaren wearing a tabard of the opposite faction. That's not much fun, however -- it's since been changed and now chooses a random race from the opposing faction.

@twenty20sight asked via Twitter:

Whatever happened to common courtesy when a mage gives someone a portal? Is it not customary to give a smal tip anymore?

At one point, mages had to use Rune of Portals to cast a portal spell. Since this was a reagent you had to actually purchase, tipping a mage was a pretty common practice. Even if it was just for the cost of the Rune, it was appreciated. I think that since the reagent was removed and mages no longer have to pay to use their spell, tipping has kind of fallen out of flavor. For my part as a rogue, I never really expect a tip when I'm picking lockboxes. Is it nice when it happens? Absolutely. Am I going to complain when it doesn't? Nah, it's not really worth the time it would take to complain.

@menchx asked via Twitter:

why would Garrosh leave Gorehowl behind? Was it because he felt he didn't need it anymore?

He left it behind in the room with the Sha of Pride -- the room in which the Heart of Y'shaarj was imprisoned. Keep in mind that Garrosh is now wielding Xal'atoh, Desecrated Image of Gorehowl. It's likely he crafted the blade as a test to see if the type of sha-infusion he wanted to do was possible -- and once he created that far more powerful version of Gorehowl, he simply left the old one behind. Or maybe the Sha of Pride decided to give it to him as a gift. Either way, he had something more powerful than Gorehowl, so he didn't need it anymore.

@JetrixAdune asked via Twitter:

On the map of Dreanor there's a very large land mass to the you think we might have multiple xpacs on Draenor?

I don't think so. They did say at BlizzCon that not every region of Draenor was going to be available upon release -- for instance, Farahlon, up in the north corner of the map, won't be accessible on launch. It'll be added in with a later patch. I believe they mentioned that the home of the ogres was to the south, which we'll also be exploring later. So we'll probably have the whole map uncovered by the time Warlords is over -- just not at the initial release.

@sergel92 asked via Twitter:

Was Gul'dan ever nice?

In established lore, he has never, ever done anything that could be considered "nice." At all. Ever. There is only one thing in this world that Gul'dan is out for, and that is himself. Power and glory all for himself. He didn't agree to help Kil'jaeden because he thought it would help the orcish race, he did it because Kil'jaeden gave him power and promised him even more. He didn't agree to open the Dark Portal for Medivh because he thought it would bring more glory to the Horde, he did it because Medivh promised him the powers of godhood. And when push came to shove and it was either help the orcs during the Second War, or go get the power he was promised, he was quick to ditch the Horde altogether. Gul'dan doesn't have "friends." He has people he will treat with a feigned sense of decency until they're no longer of use. There's a lovely quote in Rise of the Horde about Gul'dan:

Ner'zhul's apprentice, however, Durotan did not like. Orgrim was sitting next to his boyhood friend, and, seeing where Durotan's gaze led, leaned over and whispered, "I think that Gul'dan would better serve his people if he were set out as bait."

That pretty much sums him up.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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