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Many people use the start of a new year to kick off a new fitness plan, which is why the major overhaul of's mobile app is timely. Version 2.0 of the workout tracker won't do the workouts for you, but it will make them as easy and as encouraging as possible.

WeightTraining's mobile app features a convenient dashboard that summarizes your daily fitness information and a workout logger to track your daily exercises. The dashboard is your central hub where you can view your workout times, distances, weight lifted, calories burned and points earned. The dashboard also shows your daily workouts and scheduled workouts, if you have some.

From the dashboard, you can log multiple workouts each day or start a new workout plan if you feel motivated to try something new. There are a lot of pre-configured workout plans that allow you to automatically select and schedule your daily exercises. These plans range from cardiobusters that focus on aerobic exercises to plans that target a specific sport like winter skiing. You can even create your own custom workout plans. These plans are very convenient, but they are available only to those with a Pro membership, which costs US$10 a month.

If you don't want to pay for a Pro membership, you can still log and track your daily workouts, but you have to set up your workouts manually by adding each exercise and its duration, rep/set. Once you've logged a workout, though, you can save it as a favorite and reuse it each day. This is a huge timesaver -- instead of adding a list of exercises each time you workout, you can simply tap on a workout and get started.

The WeightTraining app has a decent database of exercises that range from beginner to expert. Each exercise is rated for difficulty (beginner, intermediate or expert) and includes photos as well as step-by-step video tutorials. The videos are very helpful for beginners who need help with an exercise or experienced exercisers who need a refresher. If you need personal assistance with your goal, there's even an option for Pro members to talk to a personal trainer. is more than a workout logger; it is a community of people who are interested in fitness. As a result, WeightTraining's mobile app has a strong social side that allows you to connect with the community. You can join groups, start challenges, view your personal records and track the leaderboard.'s Workout Logger is available for free from the iOS App store. It requires a account to take advantage of all the features. If you sign up for a new account on your phone, you can receive a 30-day Pro membership trial.

Though you can use it to track your workouts without paying a dime, the Pro-level workout plans and other premium features are prevalent enough that it's hard not to stumble onto them when using the app. It's even harder to resist paying for them, especially the workout plans which do all the manual planning on your behalf.

The Workout Logger is an iPhone app and requires iOS 7.0 or later.

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