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Infinite Crisis adds Atomic Poison Ivy

MJ Guthrie

A new villain has joined the Infinite Crisis lineup, and she uses her nuclear-imbued powers to protect friends and entrap her enemies. Atomic Poison Ivy, created when a nuclear fallout withered and mutated her world's plant life as well as transformed her into a human/plant hybrid, is none-too-happy with humanity for causing the destruction. Her skills, Poisoned Earth, Bramble Rapture, and Wall of Thorns, deal power damage. Atomic Poison Ivy's passive, Toxic Growth, marks opponents for additional damage and her ultimate, Secrets of the Forest, provides an AoE stealth and power armor buff for allies. Check out all these skills in action and get a few tips and tricks for playing Atomic Poison Ivy in the video below.

[Source: Turbine press release]

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