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LifeTrak's new watch combines smartwatch, fitness tracker and ECG machine


Would you like an early clue as to the dominant trend of CES 2014? It's wearables, and, erm, more wearables. Another watch that's hoping to earn a space on your wrist is the LifeTrak Zone R415, which grabs a little of everything from the technology buffet with the aim of being all things to all people. From the "smartwatch" table, we've got vibrating smartphone notifications that'll let you know when you get calls, texts and emails. Then there's dynamic sleep tracking which, like the Jawbone Up, will record your slumber session and wake you when you're at your most well-rested. From the fitness tracker cart, the company has added a pedometer, calorie counter and activity tracker that'll keep you informed of how you're doing in hourly or weekly intervals. Rounding out the selection is an ECG, and by pushing the button on the side of the bezel, it'll give you your heart rate. Using just a single watch cell battery, the unit should last for up to nine months between replacements and is designed to remain on your wrist, even while you're in the pool. Holding it in our hand, we found it to be reasonably comfortable and light, and can certainly see some potential in the platform. Naturally, we'll reserve judgment until we see it launch in Q2, but for now, it seems like it could be worth the $130 price point.

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