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New contracts find their way into Hitman: Absolution's dossier


Square Enix has added some new featured contracts to Hitman: Absolution today. Somebody wanna wake up Agent 47 and tell him to suit up?

These new contracts, which are custom scenarios conjured up by developer IO Interactive, are specific to each platform. On PC, the new contract takes Agent 47 to a haunted house, while the PS3 contract tasks him with taking down a pyromaniac with a penchant for selling ice cream. The Xbox 360 contract, pictured above, highlights a massacre in a donut shop.

Hitman: Absolution launched in late 2012 and added some new mechanics to the sandbox murder formula established by earlier entries in the series. In our review, we said the game "has its flaws," but they're negated by the game's "healthy dose of stealth and creative assassinations." IO Interactive is currently working on a new entry in the series for next-generation consoles and PC.

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