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Nokia Lumia Icon shows up on Verizon's test site with 20-megapixel PureView camera, 2,420mAh battery (updated)


We've been seeing leaks of Nokia's upcoming Lumia 929 for a while, but this time it comes from a pretty official source: Verizon. Earlier today, the phone showed up on Verizon's test manager site under the name Nokia Lumia Icon, flaunting the same design we saw back in November and, unsurprisingly, a 20-megapixel PureView camera. The site doesn't betray too many specifics about the phone, but does mention a hefty 2,420mAh battery with support for wireless charging. There's a price too, but don't expect it to be final: The test site lists the phone at $777 with or without contract. Want a gander? We've headlined this post with a screenshot of the page, but you can find a direct link at the source link below.

Update: This page has now popped up on the real Verizon site. It appears to be a direct clone of the test-site listing, however, complete with the same erroneous $777 price tag both on and off contract. [Thanks, Bill]

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