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Amazon offers another chance to pick up a white PlayStation Vita

Sharif Sakr

Fancy a limited edition Crystal White PS Vita bundled with Assassin's Creed III Liberation for just $180? Well, sorry old bean, but you're too late. That particular deal ended ages ago and the Liberation bundle is now selling for ludicrously high prices (oh, the cruelty of it). But here's something we didn't expect: the rare white version of the handheld has just reappeared at Amazon as a not-so-limited standalone product priced at $200, i.e., the same money as the common black option. Aside from the color scheme, this is a traditional unit with an OLED display, rather than the Japanese LCD version that has better battery life. However, it'll look great during these icy winter months and, by summer, it'll bask in the warmth of Sony's exciting new game streaming service, PlayStation Now.

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