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Breakfast Topic: The best WoW ability for the real-world task


I was joking around with a friend on Facebook the other day when he admitted he wished on a fairly regular basis that he could use Leap of Faith on his kids. (I suspect that dealing with two rambunctious boys at those particular moments might feel more like Death Grip, but that's another story.) "I want a button that makes the Psychic Scream noise that I can mount on my dashboard to slam during traffic jams," I replied. Thus began a whole riff on WoW spells and abilities we wished we could pop off in real life.

"Ya know, I think you have a WoW Insider article there," he observed. "How would WoW talents affect us in real life and what would be the consequences?" So Aron, this Breakfast Topic is for you -- but better, because I'm going to throw in a few specific scenarios to the mix.

Readers, what WoW ability or short combo do you most wish you could deploy in these real-world scenarios?

  • Commuting and traffic jams
  • At the office
  • Dealing with the kids (for parents)
  • Dealing with the parents (for non-parents)
  • Romance

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