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Canopy's Sensus app enhancing case hands-on


We saw Canopy and its Sensus last year at CES with what appears to be similar hardware, but really isn't. In our conversation with Sensus' VP of Software Engineering Joel Stewart this evening, he explained that the company was caught in the iPhone 5 Lightning connector storm and rather than push out a product that would almost assuredly fail, they took time to regroup and even redesign. As a reminder, the Sensus case augments the iPhone's input by adding input on the back and sides of the case via capacitive touch.

Gone is capacitive input on the case; it's been replaced by pressure-sensitive pads on the back and down the sides. App choice has improved in some ways due to the pressure-sensitive pads. For example, flipping the case over and putting a cup on the case when the weighing app is running will see the case read out the weight of the cup on it. Follow on for some pics of the new packaging, case and a short demo video.

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