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Joystiq Streams: Not here to start trouble, just to do the Madden 25 shuffle [UPDATE: It's over!]

Joystiq Streams controls the pocket with an offensive line built out of raw love for video games and the viewing audience! Nothing can stop Joystiq Streams' iron will on the field. Except the bitter heartbreak that comes from watching your favorite team get trounced in the playoffs. Mike Suszek, Joystiq's resident Green Bay Packers diehard, and David Hinkle, Philadelphia Eagles fan extraordinaire, are both recovering from heartbreaking seasons. They'll be working out their issues by streaming Madden 25 for PlayStation 4 at 4p.m. EST on Joystiq's Twtich channel. Be sure to tune in for the rants about vengeance and retribution as much as the digital footballing. Anthony John Agnello will be hanging out in the chat, lamenting what's become of his Pittsburgh Steelers.

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