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SwiftKey's predictive text input makes its way into your car stereo


It's no secret that we're pretty big fans of SwiftKey 'round these parts, but even we couldn't have predicted where it'd wind up next. Today, the keyboard app announced that its adaptive text-entry will be integrated with Clarion's forthcoming AX1 head unit. It might seem odd at first, but since Clarion's kit has native apps for email and web browsing, predictive text (compared to a standard keyboard) ought to make the device easier to use. As SwiftKey tells it, the company is taking everything it's learned from the mobile environment, and applying it to other areas where it makes sense. In other words, this likely isn't the last time we'll see the third-party keyboard somewhere other than a phone or tablet. The AX1 is expected to release sometime this quarter for $800, and if you're feeling antsy you can pre-order one right now.

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