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BBC rolls out enhanced 'Red Button' features to major Smart TVs

Sharif Sakr

The BBC's Connected Red Button service promised a new level of interactivity when it launched in the UK a year ago, including news and weather overlays, recommended viewing (curated by actual, real-life humans) and alternative streams during live sports events. The downside was that it was originally only available to Virgin TiVo customers, but the Corporation promised to extend it to more platforms and, finally, this seems to be happening. As of today, owners of Samsung and Sony Smart TVs should both have access to a beta version of the service when they press the red button on their remotes (although a few Sony-heads may have already noticed this going live just before Christmas), while LG smart TVs are on track to gain access early this year. A long list of compatible devices can be found at the source link below, but there's still no sign of any standalone Freesat, Freeview or YouView set-top boxes, which were supposed to get improved Red Button access in 2013.

Update: The BBC just let us know that it's still planning to bring the Connected Red Button service to "many more" platforms in 2014, including YouView.

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