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Massively Rewind: Introducing Massively's news video show


For the inaugural episode of Massively Rewind, we feel it's appropriate to define what this show is because, frankly, explaining what it isn't would take far too long. (It isn't a cookie. It isn't a poodle. It isn't underwater yodeling. See?) Every week Massively Rewind will recap some of the top gaming news stories and present them in rib-tickling video morsels. It's a lot like time travel without the DeLoreans, world-ending paradoxes, and showing up suddenly without any clothes.

This week, we take a look at a dedicated factionless World of Warcraft player, Smedley putting out SOE fires, and why it's good to be the emperor in the Elder Scrolls Online.

Massively Rewind Episode 1

If you're wondering what happened in MMOspace this week but are too busy to read every article, then point your eyeholes at Massively Rewind, the Massively video news show hosted by Richie Procopio and produced by Jef Reahard. We'll hit the rewind button every Friday morning and deliver our weekly MMO recap in video form... with occasional special guests to keep things interesting for everyone.

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