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StickNFind reveals its vision for the future of retail

Brian Heater

Those little StickNFind Bluetooth stickers are back for another CES, and this time out, they've got even grander ambitions than helping your locate your lost keys. Founder Jimmy Buchheim swung by our CES stage this week to show off plans for retail applications. The idea is pretty simple, really: Put the company's Beacon offerings all over your retail location, and you can tell who's looking at what and for how long. How's that for targeted marketing? The store can create an app with a map, which will help the shopper locate specific items in the store and, naturally, serve up coupons and such based on tracked shopping habits. The company is showing off a slew of different-sized Beacons (as you can see in the palm of my hand above), with ranges up to 0.6 mile and batteries that last as long as nine years.

Buchheim told us that the company is talking with retail partners with regards to rollouts, but wouldn't spill the beans about who might be interested.

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