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What class will you boost to 90?


We've spoken a lot, lately, about the level 90 boosts coming with Warlords of Draenor. We've looked n detail at the reasons behind it, considered our opinions on the service, and wondered how much it should cost. The should they shouldn't they, will they won't they discussion has pretty much run its course -- the freebie 90 with Warlords is basically a fait accompli. The only question that remains is the pricing of the buy-a-90, and we've all said our piece.

So let's move on to the fun side. You can't tell me it hasn't crossed your mind, wondering just exactly which class you'll boost to 90. I'm specifically thinking of the free 90 with the WoD expansion pack, if you're planning to use it. While you may well subsequently boost other classes, that's not what the poll's for. Tell me about that in the comments! Me? Well I'm torn. I sort of want to boost a monk, as I've tried to level a few, and find them really dull at low levels. But then on the US account I'm still missing a lot of classes, so it might be a hunter, or a mage. Depends how far I get before the expansion comes out.

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