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Breakfast Topic: The road less travelled


After nearly ten years of WoW, I've dabbled in a little bit of everything. I've played the auction game, done more than my share of PvP, and goodness knows, I've tackled some bosses. But I've never quite gotten into the achievement game. I mean, I've said, "Ding!" to friends who've picked that elusive bajillionth pet, and I've done my part to advance the guild achievement. But that whole aspect of game play isn't something I've ever really tackled.

While I can't say that it keeps me up at night, I do wonder sometimes whether I'm missing out. Is there a sense of accomplishment at the end of the achievement grind? Heck, is there even a realistic end to the achievement game? With that inspiration under hand, I equally wonder whether there's whole aspects of game play that I haven't experienced. Which roads in Azeroth have I left untravelled?

What about you? Are there things in game that you've wondered about, perhaps thought might be fun? But yet, you've never quite brought yourself to try out? Let us know, so that we, too, might stare down that road less travelled. Who knows? We might all get the chance to experience the other side of WoW.

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