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Google buys Nest, former Apple exec speaks with the Verge on the purchase: News from Jan. 13, 2014


The big news this afternoon was Google's acquisition of Nest Labs, home to the Nest thermostat, a Nest smoke alarm and the startup grounds for two former Apple alums, including Tony Fadell. The general consensus in the tech world turned out to be a collective, "what?" As Yoni Heisler pointed out:

Second, and from a more practical standpoint, is the commonly held view that Nest Labs was an Apple acquisition just waiting to happen. Nest's Thermostat was largely viewed as an Apple-esque product insofar that it simplified what was otherwise a cumbersome and confusing activity. It may sound absurd, but the Nest Thermostat really worked to make home temperature automation seem cool, and more importantly, approachable.

Fadell spoke with the Verge on the acquisition and declined to talk about any dealing with Apple other than to re-emphasize that further Nest products will be iOS and Android compatible.

Other news from this afternoon included:

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