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Breakfast Topic: Do you make money with your professions?

Before we start, I have to admit: I'm not very good at making gold. I sell things on the auction house now and again, but I've never gotten even close to hitting the gold cap. And where professions are concerned, while I've found selling materials to be easy money, I've never had a lot of luck with crafting. Often, I'd make more money selling the materials gathered to craft something than actually crafting it and selling it -- even for higher level items. I imagine there must be tricks I am not savvy enough to know, but for the most part I take crafting professions for the things I can make for myself, not for any gold I might get out of it in the long run.

This is why I was surprised to find, while leveling an alt with inscription, that even low level glyphs could be sold on the auction house for a decent profit. In fact, this alt is well on its way to becoming my wealthiest character, just by selling glyphs made from whatever I've found while leveling. It seems like a definite change of pace from any other profession I've leveled up, which typically cost money rather than make it.

So tell me, readers -- do you expect your professions to bring in the gold? And how about leveling -- should it cost you, or should it be a taste of profits to come? Let us know!

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