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Call of Duty: Ghosts launches an Onslaught of screens


Call of Duty has come a long way since its WW2 days. Michael Myers? Giant spider things? The Onslaught DLC for Ghosts is a bit different from the CoD of seven years back.

Infinity Ward spilled the beans on the game's first DLC this week: Onslaught features four new maps, a new weapon in the form of the Maverick dual-purpose assault-rifle/sniper-rifle, and the first chapter of a four-part Extinction campaign.

The screenshot with the creepy trailer and campfire comes from the Fog map, and if you complete a certain field order in Fog, you get to become Michael Myers. What that means is you don the mask and axe, and other players (with sense) run away from you, all while the Halloween music plays. Sounds neat to us.

Onslaught hasn't got a long way to go before it hits Xbox One and Xbox 360 marketplaces on January 28 - no news yet on an ETA for other platforms.

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