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F-Zero and 1080 Snowboarding are the latest Club Nintendo rewards

Xav de Matos, @Xav

Nintendo's fan service-fueled Club Nintendo program has added a few new interactive items to its limited rewards program. For 200 coins each, players can grab Wii U ports of F-Zero and 1080 Snowboarding, which regularly sell on the eShop for $8 and $10 respectively. Nintendo 3DS's featured games are Game & Watch: Cement Factory (100 coins) and Spin Six (150 coins).

Club Nintendo coins are easy enough to come by, acquired by purchasing Nintendo products and participating in purchase habit surveys. Featured games, like those listed above, are available for a limited time. Coins can also be used to get your hands on a bevy of other Nintendo-themed products, such as t-shirts for wearing and screensavers for installing on your computer trapped in the year 1998.

[Thanks, Todd]

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