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No Man's Sky won't be delayed by office flood, Hello Games says


Joe Danger developer Hello Games is up and running at "full speed" following a flood that gutted the company on Christmas Eve, managing director Sean Murray reports. Development of the studio's sci-fi roguelike No Man's Sky has resumed, and the game will not be delayed as a result of the flood.

Hello Games discovered that it was not insured for damages in the flood's aftermath, but has since constructed a "make-shift post-apocalyptic set of workstations" in order to continue development unabated. Murray expects the company to either relocate to a new office or rebuild its previous studio setup in the coming months.

Despite its setbacks, Hello Games has seen a busy month, with Joe Danger Infinity recently making its App Store debut and Joe Danger 2 remaining up for grabs in the ongoing Humble Bundle X.

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