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Breakfast Topic: What are you expecting from Garrisons?


While we've got a vague idea and a few notions of just what might come with Garrisons, we're far from having a hard set of facts about them. We know they'll be placeable in any zone, we know there'll be followers and buildings that progress and specialize, allowing you to pick and choose just what your chosen strength is. We think they'll be tied in to professions, we think they might be done on a character-by-character basis as it was mentioned at BlizzCon that account-wide Garrisons might be too tricky. It seems clear that players will be able to progress offline, in some way or other, even pulling in the followers and garrisons of guild-mates.

But what I'm wondering is how exactly do you think it's all going to be put together? Do you think it'll be account-wide profession access, like many people seem to think? Do you think you'll be able to have trophies and items that depict achievements and titles of the past? Will you have a farm there? How about the dog? I'm wondering what you're expecting from this new feature, given how little and vague the current information is. And, of course, what are you most excited about with Garrisons and how do you think it'll all be implemented?

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