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Dorkly unleashes a trailer for Gone Home's ideal DLC, Gun Home

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Gone Home - it's a nice enough experience. We guess. We said you'd leave it "with a spring in your step" in our review, but you know, like, whatever, man. Still not a game. You know? Games are about fun and stuff. Thank goodness Dorkly is here to reveal Gone Home's (totally not really being made) DLC, "Gun Home." Go on, click through and watch it after the jump. Now this looks like a game.

In Gun Home, Katie returns home again ... and this time, it's personal. Katie's sister has been kidnapped by terrorists, and it's up to Katie - backpack full of shotguns and kick-ass - to get her back. OOO-WA-AA-AA-AA

Go home, everyone (see what we did there?). 2014's Game of the Year is already here, and it's not even real.

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