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Here's how you activate Broken Age's pixelated retro mode


Hidden within Double Fine's new adventure game Broken Age is a special aesthetic option that coats the game's colorful graphics in a heavy sheen of thick pixels.

Though Double Fine hasn't publicized this feature, YouTube user "The Phawx" provides a simple, step by step guide to activating the mode in the above clip. Simply enter the game's options menu, crank its resolution down to 640x480, assign a button to the new icon you'll find in the game's "Controls" menu, and voila, that button now enables retro mode. Even better, once you've activated the hidden feature you're free to return the game to a higher resolution, but will still be able to toggle retro mode on and off with whichever button you've selected.

This isn't a true aesthetic makeover, as much as a video filter overlaid on top of the game's default graphics, but at the very least it does give players an excuse to use the game's 640x480 resolution setting - an otherwise largely pointless holdover from the days when computers were all beige rectangles and the Intel Pentium 2 was considered amazing technology.

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