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The Queue: AFK Baldur's Gate II on the iPad


Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Adam Holisky (@adamholisky) will be your host today.

Now granted I wasn't playing WoW last night (I was at my other gig until quite late). But if I were, and Baldur's Gate II appeared on the iPad App Store as it did last night, I would have been all "AFK bai guys." Then myself, Minsc, and Boo would have gone places even that little hamster hasn't gone before.

Best not to ask such questions.

Christian asked:

if you picked up a new char now at this point in the expansion, what would you focus on to experience MOP and get ready for WOD?





Okay, now that that is out of the way, I'd focus on just questing and running LFR. Get a Orgrimmar clear in under your belt, and enjoy the game. Don't grind things unnecessarily, don't burn yourself out doing content that isn't interesting. If you feel like fishing though, fish! Want to hit up archaeology? Do it! Don't worry about min/maxing, just enjoy things.

Another key tip is that you don't want to blow your gold right now. Save it until the WoD releases. Nothing you buy now (well, almost nothing) is going to be worth anything once the next expansion comes. Beside profession leveling, there's no good investment to make right now.

WarlockBrah asked:

Has blizzard made any announcements as to when hearthstone will be available for the iPad?

We just know it's going to be soon. I'd be surprised if we get to June without some sort of beta or public release. I know they've had it working internally for quite some time, and it's even gone as far as Rob Pardo's personal iPad at home.

So basically it's unfair that he gets to play it on his iPad and I don't. Also I'm going to take my SNES controller and go home, because Blizzard doesn't want so share. /pout

Snacked asked:

When can we transmog legendary weapons to show off how rad we are as we park on mailboxes with store mounts?

I doubt that this is ever going to come to WoW. Blizzard has said time and again that all that'd happen would be a mad rush to get legendaries, and then that's all we'd see. Having a legendary transmogged would be the new standard, and Blizzard is very much about removing such standards from the game.

So will we see it? Highly doubtful. Do I want it? Yup.

Kevin asked:

Have you ever thought it weird that the generally non-bestial Alliance races are the ones with fangs? Night elves and draenei.

No. Is this like an otherkin thing? Because I don't think I should talk in the Queue about otherkin. I might get 600 comments of angry otherkin.

Also keep in mind that Night Elves evolved from trolls and Draenei have some space goat in them, so it makes sense.

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