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Massively Rewind: LotRO's cold comfort, Guild Wars 2's upcoming update, and ArcheAge's alpha


Each week, Massively Rewind gives you another reason to enjoy Friday as we recap the top stories in the MMO world. If you missed last week's inaugural episode, there's no need to cry in your coffee; we live in an age when everything can be viewed on demand. Isn't that convenient?

This week, we discuss the good and bad news for Lord of the Rings Online fans, the next content patch for Guild Wars 2, and the Friends & Family testing for ArcheAge. We also poke some fun at Brad McQuaid's new kickstarter project and Quantum Mechanix's Firefly Online.

Massively Rewind Episode 2

If you're wondering what happened in MMOspace this week but are too busy to read every article, then point your eyeholes at Massively Rewind, the Massively video news show hosted by Richie Procopio and produced by Jef Reahard. We'll hit the rewind button every Friday morning and deliver our weekly MMO recap in video form... with occasional special guests to keep things interesting for everyone.

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