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Pillars of Eternity character sheet has +5 in Lookin' Good

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Developer Obsidian has released new images and information for their upcoming RPG, Pillars of Eternity, and old-school roleplaying fans are in for a treat. Like the pen-and-paper tabletop RPGs that inspire it, Pillars of Eternity features character sheets brimming with stats and information. In the released image of Pallegina, we can see that she's an 8th-level Paladin of the Hylea race, which are apparently Godlike. We can also see she has a Con stat of 14, which gives her +28 percent Stamina and Health. Still following along? Good, because this character sheet is just getting started.

There's also information on player characters' reputations, how long they've been active, how long they've been in combat, how many monsters they've slain, the most powerful foe they've slain, total damage dealt, etc. There's even an Export button - no official word on where it'll export to, though.

Obsidian also released images comparing the concept art and final rendering of one of the game's enemies - a Cean Gŵla. Cean Gŵlas are the spirits of women who have died under "particularly tragic or traumatic circumstances," according to a post on the game's forums. Finally, a new image also shows representations of the gods Galawain and Woedica. Galawain is god of the hunt, while Woedica rules over law and rightful rulership.

It won't be an eternity before you get to experience these assets and more - Pillars of Eternity is scheduled to release this year.

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