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The Queue: Gaining my religion

Michael Sacco

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

I think Losing My Religion is somehow even sadder when it's in a major key.

john.aga1 asked:

Rhonin, leader of the Kirin Tor died at Theramore just prior to the start of the MoP expansion. However, he is still shown alive as leader of the Kirin Tor in Dalaran. When will he die in game?

Maybe never? After all, you still have Garrosh as a mopey nerd in Outland. There are lots of weird time bubbles in WoW. Schrhoniner's Mage being alive and dead is hardly the biggest oddity.

DeirdreMcClure asked:

I heard some pretty bad stories after the first rounds of realm connections -- things like missing characters or "rolled back" characters. Is any of this horrible stuff still happening with the recent connections or has the process been "ironed out".

The only connection that had issues was the one between Nesingwary and Vek'nilash, which resulted in situation where some characters with the same name as ones on the other server were deleted and had to be rolled back. No other realms have had the issue before or since. I wouldn't worry too much.

rjjagoda asked:

FWIW, I thought Wrathion was black for a long time.

Well, his features are pretty clearly supposed to be middle-eastern.

FIzzl asked:

Old question, but in terms of lore, I know there was somewhat of an explanation for Naxx returning in Wrath (IE, New Naxx exists chronologically after Vanilla Naxx). Some guy was a traitor and resurrected KT, more or less.

Is there a lore-ical explanation for the other bosses being alive though?

Yep -- necromancy! I mean, really. That's it. If you can bring back the dead, you can bring back the, uh, double-dead, probably?

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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