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Stiq Figures, January 6 - 12: Nintendo wishlist edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

I think we've all seen the news by now - despite the 3DS being the best selling gaming device of 2013 and some genuinely great new games, Nintendo didn't have such a great year financially. Its $240 million loss prompted Nintendo President Satoru Iwata to admit that the company is "thinking about a new business structure," and it's clear that something about the company's strategy needs to change.

There's no shortage of armchair analysts on the internet though, so let's not strangle each other over directions we think Nintendo should go in to achieve financial success. Instead, let's make this about you. Maybe you haven't touched anything from Nintendo since the SNES, or maybe you're still enjoying Nintendo's modern output despite its rough patches. Whatever your relation is with the developer, I'm curious: What's the best possible move Nintendo could make that would cater specifically to you? Financials are irrelevant here - it's all about your dream move from Nintendo, the exact moves that would best serve your Nintendo wishlist.

For me, I would love it if Nintendo copied off Sony's homework and allowed me to play Virtual Console games on both my 3DS and Wii U with one purchase. Of course, that would mean sorting out the modern Virtual Console effort in the first place, and adding a GBA library. A new Metroid would be great, too - I went into Metroid Prime blind and unaware of the series, but Prime is an all-time favorite that I'll always be glad to return to. The biggest thing for me, though? As much as I love the established franchises, I'd be thrilled to see Nintendo put the same amount of effort they use for Zelda and Mario games into something legitimately new. I know they've experimented with new IPs on the eShop, but I mean something that could serve as an E3 presentation finale. Nintendo gets creative with their hardware and can reinvent established series, but I want to see what they'd make if they focused their strongest effort on a new cast of characters.

Maybe an E3 surprise will nail my biggest complaint, but if not I guess there's always Monolith's X. Tell me about your Nintendo wishlist in the comments, right after you check out this week's Japanese hardware sales after the jump!

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3DS LL: 40,038 [DOWN] 74,118
Vita: 29,494 [DOWN] 40,593
3DS: 20,116 [DOWN] 42,283
PS3: 14,845 [DOWN] 25,240
Wii U: 14,020 [DOWN] 37,251
PSP: 4,758 [DOWN] 8,525
Vita TV: 2,522 [DOWN] 2,791
Xbox 360: 281 [DOWN] 166

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