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The latest, greatest, strangest iPhone accessories from Etsy


Etsy has a long history of being the go-to place for the quirkiest and most unusual products. Anyone can start an Etsy store and sell basically whatever they want, as long as it's their own creation in some way. As such, the site is absolutely filled with unusual accessories for iOS devices, and we just can't get enough. Here is a handful of the newest and most unusual offerings.

Take a kids dinosaur toy, chop its head off, add a bit of spraypaint and a suction cup. Boom: It's now an iPhone stand. Why? Who cares; it's awesome.

With gorgeous woodgrain and a decidedly vintage microphone, this is a dual-purpose dock that will add a bit of sophistication to your office. The dock charges your iDevice (obviously), but the microphone is also 100 percent functional and can be used with your computer or any other compatible device.

Need a speaker for your iPhone, but can't spare another wall outlet? This acoustic speaker doesn't need a plug, but it can still pump out the tunes. Also, it looks ridiculous.

iPhone docks are supposed to be compact and easy to move, but this Star Wars AT-AT Walker iPhone dock w/built-in speaker is awesomely nerdy enough that you'll forgive the fact that it's totally impractical.

Worried about someone snatching your iPhone while you're in a public place? Slap this über-creepy one-eyed furry monstrosity on it and I doubt any thief will get close enough to seriously consider it.

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