Verizon logo above a store

T-Mobile might be better at gaining publicity, thanks to its attention-seeking CEO, but Verizon appears to be just as good at attracting new customers. According to the company's latest earnings report, 1.6 million of us were enticed by its wireless products and plans during Q4 of last year, which exactly matches the bumper results T-Mobile experienced during the same period. Part of VZW's success may be due to its ever-expanding (and accelerating) LTE network, which is now claimed to cover 97 percent of the US population, if not its slightly ambiguous customer satisfaction ratings. Meanwhile, the popularity of the carrier's more recent moves -- including the introduction of the bargain Moto G handset for $100 off-contract and a new $20 "Share Everything" tier -- won't become apparent until it reports its next set of financials in the spring.

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