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5 iTunes movies to get you through the snow day


Snowed in today? You're not alone, but as long as you have power (and if you're reading this, I'm going to assume you do) there's a wealth of entertainment available to make you feel like you're still basking in the summer sun. Here are a handful of movies you can find on iTunes to give you that warm feeling again.

The Beach

A young Leonardo DiCaprio travels to a secret island that is home to a reclusive, beach-dwelling community. Palm trees, crystal clear water and a bit of murder to spice things up.


A team of scientists and engineers are on a mission to revive the dying sun. Earth is freezing -- which might seem a bit familiar if you look out your window -- and a giant atomic bomb is the only way to kickstart our star and save our planet.


A classic from the early '90s, Backdraft should have a place in your movie collection no matter what, and on a day when the snow is piling up outside your door, a gritty firefighting drama will definitely make you sweat.

Cast Away

Tom Hanks isn't particularly happy about being stranded on a deserted isle in this survival flick, but something tells me a lot of folks would trade their chilly apartments for a tropical abode today without much hesitation. Also, Wilson!


The exotic planet of Pandora is so beautiful in James Cameron's epic sci-fi hit Avatar that viewers have actually experienced post-viewing depression after the ride was over. But if you're already pretending like the ice-covered world outside doesn't exist, you may as well make Pandora your temporary escape.

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